Lalaland handbag design, sampling and production services are unparalleled in the US market.

We bring a half century of workmanship and expertise from the heart of the Italian handcrafted leather houses, to the heart of Los Angeles – and we merge it with automation and industry. The result is a truly inspired output.

Our crafting is perfection honed to flawless repetition by the standards of unrivaled fashion brands like LVMH.  Our quality and attention to detail impresses the most exacting eye, and our instinct for style and trends has proven accurate over and over again.

We offer design, pattern making, prototyping, sampling and production. We also offer sourcing of material and ordering of all components and even hardware.

We have our own tannery partner – Italy’s famous Mastrotto – right here in our downtown LA (Arts District) showroom.

We are proud to offer all this, in house, right here in Los Angeles. (minimum quantities apply)