Since March 2020, Lala Land has shifted all our production to making Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  We aim to serve doctors, nurses, health care workers and the general public that needs personal protection through this pandemic.

“Our People Love the Masks!” — LAPD 

We are already serving private hospital foundations and clinics in several states, L.A. Recreation & Parks, Ventura County Sheriff, San Luis Obispo County, Alameda County hospitals and more… We are here to serve nationwide clients, big and small.

We are grateful to front-line health care workers and doctors who risk their lives each day, while leaving families isolated at home, to save lives and help people heel from the COVID-19 virus that has already taken so many lives.

SHOP OUR PRODUCTS.  We are here for you – we are producing every day – ramping up our production as fast as we can to serve you.

We are producing
Face Masks (3 ply polypropylene surgical as well as N95)
Face shields and visors
Protective gowns for cover
Isolation jump suit for full protection
Gloves (single use Nitrate non latex without allergens)

Contact us for more details.